Joint Stock Company ‘Metgama’ is a wide range manufacturing – providing services company, established on the 18th of March, 1994. Today company is well known not only in Lithuania, but also abroad. ‘Metgama’ started by offering introductory electricity metering panels (ĮEAS-1, ĮEAS-3 and ĮEAS-3T) and today it can offer wide range of consumer products. Within 13 years company adapted to new and changing market conditions and today it can offer high quality metal products and services: Metal mailboxes, clothing lockers, metal racks, various shelves, fire protection panels and lockers, plumbing manifold lockers, various metal boxes and metal constructions, metal sheet bending, stamping and powder coating services.

Since 2004 we have successfully installed new technologic line to manufacture metal mesh cages for animals. This production is successfully exported to Poland and Denmark. There are professional people with a great experience working in this company. That‘s why we can offer various solutions and flexible discount system to our clients. We also accept individual orders. We focus on production quality, quick and pleasant customer service.