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Metal clothes changing wardrobe

Metal wardrobe wardrobes are made of 0.8 mm steel wool, painted with powdered polyester paints. Each cabinet door has ventilation openings and a lock with two keys. The cabinet sections have a shelf and 4 hooks, a possible cross hinges. Wardrobes are made with adjustable legs. Additional legs or a pedestal for promotion are also possible. Cabinets can be mounted on the frame with the bench. Work cabinets for changing cabinets can be joined in blocks, i.e. 2, 3 or 4 doors. One person’s area can be 300mm or 400mm. Wardrobe height – 1800 mm, depth – 490 mm.

Upon client’s request, we install vertical partitions in wide (400 mm) compartments. This type of closet is intended for storing work clothes and their separation from everyday ones. Non-standard dimensions and wide color options are available.

Metal wardrobes are used in schools, manufacturing companies, entertainment and catering establishments. Cabinets for food industry can be manufactured at a concave level and meet all hygiene requirements for the installation of domestic appliances for industrial, commercial and catering enterprises.